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Reimagining WeWork's Member Network

Reimagining WeWork’s Member Network


Since its inception, WeWork’s member network—the social backbone of company’s co-working experience—has regularly undergone maintenance and small scale improvements, but had rarely been rethought at a high level. In response, the in-house digital design team embarked on a rapid vision project: I, along with my teammates, were given the opportunity to explore alternative structures for WeWork’s member network and member network app.

Using findings from stakeholder interviews and customer focus groups, we created a set of app prototypes that prioritized two key principles: clarity and context: clarity around the app’s networking potential, which many members were unaware of, and context in the form of ice-breakers and curated info-sharing, so members could make more informed connections with others. We also added more support functionality to the ‘groups’ feature (where members can create their own social groups) after realizing that more resources and encouragement from the company would go far in helping members successfully organize initiatives and events.

Stakeholder interviews, user research, UX





Understanding the the Member Network, from all angles

Through stakeholder interviews and user focus groups, we sought to understand things like: Do member network capabilities match user needs/expectations? How are people actually using the app, relative to its intended use? What features are users clamoring for? We synthesized our user/stakeholder findings to uncover two big opportunity areas: ‘clarity’ and ‘context’.


Exploring UX structures and creating prototypes

We sketched a range of different ideas based on our research findings. Along the way, we uncovered new questions like: Should the app be exploratory or more task-focused? Should/could the app more closely integrate with the physical realm? We emerged from wireframing with two distinct prototypes: both were rooted in the key principles of context and clarity, but utilized different hierarchical structures which we could show stakeholders to kickstart further conversation around the future of the app.